Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to 2Build 4Ward International Organization (2 x 4 International)~

The creation of 2 x 4 International has been 20 years in the making while waiting for the right hearts and minds to join forces to share what they know and participate in giving back on a global front.

The kindred spirits that form 2 x 4 International embrace community development efforts for orphans/orphanages, education/health projects, local small business development projects and infrastructure improvement. The projects and services 2 x 4 International supports are identified by communities, nongovernmental and government officials, educators, health care officials, volunteer organizations and individuals in disadvantaged areas across the world.

Kudos to you, if you chose to join us on this venture to do more and be more in the world. We welcome you to the 2 x 4 International team. The development and implementation of 2 x 4 International supported projects and services are a continual work in progress. Your input and involvement are always welcome which means we hope to hear from you!

Peace in walking good,

The 2 x 4 International Team

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