Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A THANK YOU Note to our Supporters & Staff

We want to let you know what our small but mighty nonprofit does with your donations (in goods & $). None of our Board of Directors or staff get paid.  We donate money, we hold fundraisers, we ask for donations, we make things to sell, we clean our houses out over & over to have garage sales, we go buy blankets, food, gloves & goods and more. We serve the homeless in our backyards and the disadvantaged in poor countries. We do this because we believe in the idea of community, of doing & being more and of giving back to others knowing that we have been given so much.

Our supporters? All your donations of goods and money are hand delivered or shipped to places like Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean. 100% of your good deeds go to our projects. We wish you all could be present when these goods and services are delivered.  Truly, it moves us to tears each and every time we are able to share your hearts & goodness.  Please accept our deep bow and heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you do...both to our donors & our Directors of the Board and our amazing staff.

We are accepting donations of blankets, jackets and gloves (new or in good condition) and food & water through December 23rd.  Email and we will arrange a pick up. You can also donate $ or give the gift of a donation on our site @  And, if you want details of where your donations go, email us and we will give you all the details!

Tonight's story...
Mission off of Richards Blvd in Sacramento, CA.  Earlier tonight, our friends were sitting & standing outside the Mission
From one of our staff members...

Dear folk: Tonight I drove to the airport to drop off a work colleague. I went home via Richards Blvd and stopped outside the Mission. On behalf of our donors, I distributed warm quality jackets, great purses, gloves & food (all donated by our staff and Board of Directors) to a needy bunch who surrounded my car. I cried on the way home. They were all so humble, some mentally ill, some old, some young and all cold. One woman said she will use her purse to hold her precious rocks. We made a difference! And we have so much. Cheers to us and our walk. #moved!

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