Friday, April 8, 2016

Jamaica School/Student Project 2014-16
St. Mary and Kingston, Jamaica
The 2Build 4Ward International (2x4 Int’l) volunteers will be traveling to Jamaica in August 2016. They will pay for their own travel and lodging costs to Jamaica and hand-deliver the donations directly to those who need it. Because of this, 100% of your donation will go to the purpose of providing a clean, safe, happy and well-fed learning environment for children. And, you will receive a tax write-off for what you donate!
2x4 Int’l 2015-16 Goals
Ø Pay school fees for up to 70 students
Ø Buy school equipment for 3 classrooms in 5 schools in different grades
Ø Purchase school shoes, backpacks, and school supplies for students in St. Mary and Kingston
2x4 Int’l Past Successes in Jamaica
In 2014-15, 2x4 Int’l was able to touch more children's lives as we reached out to more schools. We have built relationships with four schools in St. Mary (the poorest parish in Jamaica) and one basic school in Kingston in Jamaica. We bought school supplies and equipment for students and schools and paid a water bill for our basic school project in Kingston. We also paid 50 student school fees so these children would have basic access to health and education activities.
In 2013-14, we were able to pay for 40 student school fees in 4 different schools (2 in St. Mary--rural area and 2 in Kingston—urban area). We bought and delivered school supplies and equipment, zinc and wood (for hurricane-damaged homes), and fishing equipment for the fisherman community in St. Mary.

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