Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pay it forward! Help us Build Partitions for St. Mary Primary School...

Our Fundraising efforts have gone live! 

Visit to donate & pay it forward!

St. Mary Primary School Needs:

14 partitions-- the standard measurements for a classroom at the school is 25ft x  9ft x 25ft. (762.0000cm x 274.3200cm x  762.0000cm)  - (length, height, width).

The additional needs at the school are many but some of the main ones are listed below: 
  • additional classroom space
  • an auditorium/undercroft
  • perimeter fencing 
  • a retrofitted container from which to operate the Tuckshop
  • paints to paint the classrooms 
  • globes, clocks and lap tops 
  • student benches, teacher chairs and desks, cupboards  
100% of proceeds go to the school project. 2x4 Int'l staff will pay their own way to Jamaica in July 2018. All donations are tax deductible.

Since 2010, we have supported projects in Mexico, Ghana & Jamaica.  For the last decade, we have been supporting schools in the poorest parish in Jamaica. As a former Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica in the 80's, visiting & volunteering every other year when feasible since then & writing my doctoral dissertation on the education system, 2x4 Int'l has a trusted history and knowledge of the dire needs of the community.  Overwhelmingly, our Board of Directors ( support our current focus on helping to fix downtrodden schools and weak performing schools.

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